Homebuyer Education/Counseling

Are you planning to buy a home? Let the experts help you. Purchasing a home is often the biggest investment a person will make in his or her life.  Understanding your options, the mortgage process and ABC’s of homeownership are critical. Our counselors can help you take those important first steps towards home ownership.

Homebuyer Classes

In our homebuyer courses, participants will learn if they are ready to buy a home, managing their money, obtaining a mortgage loan, understanding credit, preserving and protecting their home, and learning about Down Payment Assistance Programs.

Successful completion of this eight (8) hour program (English or  Spanish) allows the buyer to receive a certificate which ensures pre-purchase education that many down payment assistance or mortgage lenders require.   

Online classes are also available! Register here.

Homeownership Counseling

Participants of our homebuyer class must attend a one-on-one counseling session after completing the class. The one-on-one counseling session is more personalized and focused on the specific needs of the client. An action plan is created with the client. If the client is ready to buy a home, we’ll guide them towards the next step to purchasing a home. If they are not ready, we will help prepare them for homeownership.

Meet our HUD-Certified Counselors

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Patricia "Patty" Ayala


Claudia Ruelas