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Your Journey to HomeOwnership Starts Here!
Meet our Instruction Expert HUD Certified Team 

Next class: Saturday, June 22, 2024
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3,659 new homeowners created to date.
Will you be next?
We can help!
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Three Points Village
Coming Soon!
24 new attainable homes to purchase coming soon!
Start the homebuying process by attending our homebuying course and a personalized guidance session to prepare you to purchase your new home!


Don't have time on Saturdays?
Take the Course Online at Your Own Pace!
Homebuying Process Made Easy 

Since 1991 NeighborWorks Laredo has helped over 3,625 families become homeowners. 

Don't have time to attend in person? 

Take our online homebuyer education course at your own pace.

If you prefer in person or via Zoom call 956-712-9100 for the next session.  

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